Medfield Challenge Success Year 1 update

Dear Parents,

Since the spring of 2018, Medfield has partnered with Challenge Success, a program out of Stanford with this mission statement:  Challenge Success partners with schools, families, and communities to embrace a broad definition of success and to implement research-based strategies that promote student well-being and engagement with learning.  This program is designed to support and provide resources to our student and parent community.  The Challenge Success team in Medfield has been working to identify and develop strategies to meet the social/emotional needs of our students.  We have outlined highlights of this work:

  • Jon Kleiman, the Challenge Success School Program Director, visited Medfield in the spring of 2019.  Jon worked with the high school faculty, and shared data from the student survey, as well as strategies we can all use to help support our students. 
  • All students in grades 6-12 completed the Challenge Success student survey.  The Executive Summaries from this data are here…
  • At Medfield High School, programming updates include a change in the midyear exam format and incorporation of studies as an elective for students.  The school is currently exploring aspects of a master schedule that support many of the Challenge Success principles.
  • Over the past year, various activities for high school students have included an all-school assembly and Stress Tree advisory activity designed to provide an opportunity for students to provide feedback regarding the various challenges they have in maintaining balance in their lives.
  • The advisory program in grades 6-12 has focused on Challenge Success initiatives identified from the survey.  Staff and students spent professional development time this past summer to revise the programs at both schools. 
  • The Medfield Challenge Success Parent Group presented several events including the Well-Balanced Student K-8 and a district-wide book talk: Doing School: How We Are Creating a Generation of Stressed-Out, Materialistic, and Miseducated Students by Denise Pope.
  • The Challenge Success working team has increased in size which now includes district and building administrators, four high school students, four parents (representing both elementary and secondary schools) and four teachers.  This team has partnered with the district-wide SEL taskforce. 

We encourage all community members to access the Medfield Challenge Success website for helpful updates and resources throughout the school year.  We hope you will attend the upcoming parent event, Help Your Young Athlete Win the Race:  Finding Balance in Youth Sports on Monday, October 28.

Finally, we want to thank our community members for supporting this work, especially the Medfield Coalition for Public Education (MCPE), the Medfield High School PTO and the Blake Middle School PTO.   


Medfield Challenge Success Team