Medfield HS students making a difference

March 2018

Dear Students and Families:

Happy spring! I hope you are enjoying the recent warmer temperatures.  These un-welcomed March snowstorms made for a long winter and like many of you, I am very much looking forward to being able to partake in some exciting outdoor activities.  

Despite the dreary winter months, I am always impressed at the level of community engagement and support many of our students demonstrate.  The notion of being a positive and contributing member of a community is important. Two years ago, we inducted MHS alum Uzo Aduba (‘99) into the Medfield HS Hall of Excellence.  Uzo’s success on Broadway and in film has been impressive, but even more impressive, is the work she has done around the world by bringing awareness to Human Rights issues, promoting young women, and being a staunch advocate for the LGBTQ community.  Uzo has indeed been a positive and contributing member of her community.

Over the past several months, I have been inspired by the efforts of many of our students who in addition to fulfilling their academic responsibilities, have taken it upon themselves to make a difference.  One of the more active clubs at Medfield HS is Best Buddies. Nearly 50 students participate weekly in after school activities including gym time, art, and music. Co-Advisor Russ Becker said, “The best thing about what our students are doing is building genuine relationships and making sure all students feel that they are a part of our community.”  This club has participated in 5K runs, the Polar Bear Plunge on Cape Cod and most recently, the Special Olympics held last week in Medway.


Last weekend, Medfield HS seniors Chloe Rogan and Lucy Nealon hosted the 2018 Massachusetts Miss Amazing pageant.  There is a considerable amount of time needed to plan and organize this event. The mere idea of two high school seniors hosting a pageant to a packed house of over 500 people is quite impressive.

In March, senior Jack Morrill was named the 2018 Medfield Foundation Youth Volunteer of the year. Jack’s volunteer efforts include working at the Medfield Food Pantry, volunteering (on his day off of school!) at Medfield’s Digital Learning Day, helping out at the Millis Library book sale, volunteering at junior football camps, and at the aforementioned Miss Amazing Pageant, and he is a church youth leader & youth basketball coach.  Medfield HS assistant football coach Brian Gavaghan stated, “Jack is hard-working, and can commit to causes bigger than himself.” Well done, Jack!

Recently, a group of MHS students across all grade levels formed to create the RENEW project (Rebuilding the Environment Necessary for Emotional Wellness). This student-led initiative aims to improve the emotional well-being of students across the high school. The students plan to address problems with stress and emotional wellness, with the end goal being to promote the culture of emotional wellness throughout the school community. The focus of RENEW is to ensure that the high school experience is better socially and emotionally for everyone.  There are currently nine students involved with others no doubt on the way. These students are posting resource sheets and positive affirmations around the school which are the first building blocks of a foundation of what we hope will be a successful and fulfilling project. Big thanks to Dave Worthley and Russ Becker for supporting this movement.


There have been many other causes that students have supported this year.   I am proud of their efforts in being positive and contributing members of the Medfield HS community.