Medfield High School Italy trip, day 4

Our last day in Florence was fantastic.  We started our day at the world famous Galleria Uffizi home of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and Michelangelo’s Holy Family among others.  The students enjoyed time in this three story collection of treasured art work.DSC00520.jpgDSC00519.jpg

After lunch, we walked across the bridge to the Pitti Palace, the former palace once owned by the Medici family.  The palace was also used at different times by Napoleon and King Victor Emmanuel III.  There is a beautiful garden on the grounds which provides an incredible view of Florence.DSC00545.jpgDSC00557.jpg

Dinner was once again unbelievable, pasta, beef, roasted potatoes and dessert.  The restaurant, Osteria dei Baroncelli was located right off of della Signoria Plaza.  After dinner, we had some time in the square where the kids played hackey sack (a regular occurrence for many of the boys) and of course, more dessert!DSC00580.jpgDSC00586.jpg

Tomorrow, we head south to Rome with a stop in the town of Orvieto.